Entry #2

Chinese Philosopy

2009-04-27 03:22:24 by captainwillies

He who knows others is clever;
He who knows himself has discernment.
He who overcomes others has force;
He who overcome himself is strong.
He who knows contentment is rich;
He who perseveres is a man of purpose;
He who does not lose his station will endure;
He who lives out his days has had a long life.


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That's great then.


2009-07-24 00:58:31

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2009-10-19 07:56:50

"very true :3 america is supposed to be a republic so the people have a voice, now days all politicians shout is democracy and how it gives freedom which it doesn't. lest we forget that university student who got the taser during a so called " public" talk whatever happened to "freedom of speech", and to make it worse there's heaps of people going around saying how annoying he is....thats not annoying thats a breech of rights! I'm guessing in the next few years america is gonna bring out more sugar coated laws which preach freedom but slowly restrict the people to the point of martial law. it will be "v for vendetta" but this time no one will come to save us"

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2009-12-13 12:54:32

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